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Preparing for Sale

In order to prepare your business for sale, your Archer Gowland business advisor will work with you to establish a strategy for selling your business, streamline your operations and establish the right price and terms of sale.

A commercial business sale can take up to two years, however this can be expedited with the right preparations. Being prepared will also allow you to consider the best offers, negotiate the best possible price and plan your exit with greater choice and control.

Your ‘Preparing for Sale’ package includes:

  • Business valuation.
  • Pricing strategy.
  • Future growth analysis (industry, products and services).
  • Profitability analysis.
  • Brand strength and market position.
  • Policies and procedures overview and recommendations.
  • Management team review.
  • Intellectual property analysis.

Any potential broker, bank or buyer will want to see these aspects of your business in place and working well.


  • Your Archer Gowland business advisor will also provide you with quality industry introductions wherever possible
  • All business and industry analyses are conducted with complete confidentiality and discretion to protect your business

The Archer Gowland ‘Preparing for Sale’ package gives you a clear plan to navigate the sales process and maximise the profitability and sales price for your business. The package also allows for quick identification and rectification of issues to present your business in the most attractive light.

For more information, please contact Ian Walker from Archer Gowland on 07 3002 2699.

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