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Building Your Business - Podcast Series | Building your Management Rights Toolkit - What you need to know from a Legal & Accounting perspective?

For our latest episode focusing on the Management Rights industry, Chris Lewis and Smiljan Jankovic (Management Rights Specialist, Archer Gowland Redshaw) host Vanessa Sciortino - Special Counsel, Nicholsons Solicitors.

With over 15 years' experience in the legal sector, Vanessa practices in the areas of Management Rights, Hotels, Motels, Body Corporate, and Property Law. Vanessa is an AMBA Industry Accredited Practitioner, Associate Member of ARAMA and an industry-preferred supplier for financiers in Management Rights.

Throughout the episode, Vanessa & Smiljan provide the latest best-practice insights from a legal and accounting perspective involving Management Rights complexes. Across the discussion, each highlight the common issues associated with top-ups & exercising options (and the differences between the two), renewal strategies where a manager may find themselves in a dispute with their Body Corporate, the purchase process including the Body Corporate consent process, whether or not claw-back clauses continue to be relevant, and how best to support new entrants in the sector.

Listen to this high-value discussion via below:


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