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As a Professional Services Partner, Am I Paying Too Much Tax?


"Am I Paying Too Much Tax?" is a common and valid question in the market. Partners and directors of professional services firms (including law firms, financial services, IT, HR and management consultancies) need to regularly assess their taxable situation and generate tax efficiencies wherever possible. 

For our clients we would typically seek to generate tax efficiencies by analysing:

  • Your tax rate
  • The tax situation of your spouse (especially if they do not work)
  • If your children are under or over 18 years of age
  • Your family income structure
  • Where gearing is applied and if it is applied to the right assets*
  • Your superannuation, if it is being used correctly, salary sacrificing and spouse splitting
  • Insurance premiums in relation to your family structure and how / where they are being paid
  • How FBT is being used and the efficiency of GST, payroll tax and the payment of dividends

* Often, clients are focused on negative gearing to create tax efficiencies. However, the trade-off for negative gearing is less robust asset protection.

Tax tips for success

Looking at assets in isolation and not understanding the impact on the whole family group can result in greater costs down the track.


Trading a quick tax deduction for long term inflexibility can be avoided by constructing a lifestyle plan which documents what type of assets should be matched with the individuals / entities contained in the family group.

Talk to Archer Gowland for a thorough review of your situation to identify opportunities for tax efficiencies.


Want more information on how your can increase your wealth and protect your assets?

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Archer Gowland Wealth Creation and Financial Planning Guide for Partners and Directors of Professional Services Firms in Brisbane


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