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Building Your Business Podcast | The Important of Estate Planning - Organising your Estate in a Blended Family scenario

For the latest episode of the Building Your Business podcast, we bring you Part Two of our 'Importance of Estate Planning' miniseries, featuring special guest: Ann Janssen - Founder & Special Counsel, Estate First Lawyers. 

+ Apr 21, 2021

Fringe Benefit Tax - 2021 Insights & Updates

As we begin the 2021 Fringe Benefit Tax Year, it is important for SME businesses to continue to maintain their tax obligations - staying current and compliant during the especially unique time.

+ Apr 19, 2021

SME Recovery Loan Scheme | What You Need to Know about the Extended Scheme

To help continue to support businesses impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic and those in flood-affected areas following the conclusion of JobKeeper support, the Federal Government has earlier this month announced its SME Recovery Loan Scheme – an extension of the previously released “SME Guarantee Scheme”.

+ Apr 16, 2021

How automated software solutions can build effective business strategy at General Practice & Enterprise levels within the Medical sector?

For our latest special interest episode of the Building Your Business podcast, Chris Lewis & Valda Glynn highlight the Healthcare sector, hosting special guests from Core Schedule - Healthcare Rostering Solutions.

+ Apr 07, 2021

Have you recorded your motor vehicle Odometer reading for FBT purposes ahead of 31 March 2021?

As we approach the end of the Fringe Benefits Tax Year 2020/21, we want to issue a reminder to all employers that a motor vehicle odometer reading needs to be taken on the 31st March 2021, for the purposes of a Car Fringe Benefits Tax obligation.

+ Mar 25, 2021

Building Your Business - Podcast Series | Building your Management Rights Toolkit - What you need to know from a Legal & Accounting perspective?

For our latest episode focusing on the Management Rights industry, Chris Lewis and Smiljan Jankovic (Management Rights Specialist, Archer Gowland Redshaw) host Vanessa Sciortino - Special Counsel, Nicholsons Solicitors.

+ Mar 24, 2021

Have you paid your mandatory Employer Superannuation payments ahead of the end of Quarter 3, 2020/21?

As we approach the end of Quarter 3, 2020/21; this is an important reminder of the upcoming 28th April 2021 due date for payments of your mandatory employer Superannuation contributions.

+ Mar 11, 2021

Building Your Business - Podcast Series | The Importance of Estate Planning - Understanding the Fundamentals & Foundations

The official Archer Gowland Redshaw Building Your Business podcast is back for its second season. Across the series, the AGR Leadership team: Ian Walker, Smiljan Jankovic and Valda Glynn are joined by a range of business leaders, C-Suite and Senior Management professionals as they discuss and provide their insights on the important topics relevant to business owners associated with growing & maintaining their business.

+ Feb 17, 2021

Fuel Tax Credits - New Credit Rates Update | February 2021

For businesses managing a vehicle fleet, the Fuel Tax Credits system can be an excellent route for operators to claim full or partial credits for the fuel tax (excise or customs duty) that’s included in the price of fuel.

+ Feb 09, 2021

JobKeeper 2.0 - Phase Two Now in Effect: 4th January 2021 - 28th March 2021

With businesses now returning to work for 2021 following the Festive/New Year holiday period, a reminder that JobKeeper 2.0 - Phase Two extensions have now taken effect from 4th January 2021 and will run for the period until 28th March 2021.

+ Jan 15, 2021
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