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Superannuation Reform 2017 and What You Can Expect - Blog 2

Carrying on from our first blog Superannuation Reform 2017 Overview, we wish to inform how you will be affected when the new superannuation legislation takes effect from 1 July 2017.

+ Feb 15, 2017

Superannuation Reform 2017 Overview - Blog 1

Changes to the Australian superannuation system have received royal assent (formal approval of an act of Parliament) and will take effect from 1 July 2017.

+ Feb 15, 2017

Do you have the right financial plan in place?

Archer Gowland works with and recommends James Cavanough and Neil Smith from Lantern Advisory in Brisbane. Their services include financial planning, wealth management and insurance for business owners and their families.

+ Aug 09, 2016

Federal Budget Announcement and Impacts for SME Business Owners

Budget Impacts for Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

+ May 04, 2016

Generating More Income For Your Management Rights Business

Here are some tips from Scott Wicks, Director of Archer Gowland, regarding different ways you can generate more income for your Management Letting Rights business (MLR) in Brisbane, Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast.

+ Oct 06, 2015

Reducing Costs in Your Management Rights Business

All businesses face the necessity and reality of expenses. However, when was the last time you reviewed the expenses in your Management Letting Rights business (MLR)?

+ Sep 28, 2015

Making Money in Management Rights

mlr-accountants-brisbane-management-rightsA Management Letting Rights business (MLR) is an enterprise that involves the caretaking and letting of townhouse and unit complexes (strata titled properties). There are over 4,000 MLRs operating in Queensland with the majority focussed on holiday letting outside Brisbane.

+ Sep 21, 2015

Mentor Service For Your Management Rights Business

Archer Gowland has developed a tailored program specifically designed for owners of Management Letting Rights businesses (MLRs) in Queensland.

+ Sep 18, 2015

Archer Gowland Family Office Service

The Archer Gowland Family Office is your single, trusted point of contact for your business advisory, taxation, insurances and wealth management.

+ Sep 14, 2015

About the Management Letting Rights Industry in Queensland

 Management Letting Rights businesses (MLRs) offer a relatively secure way to invest and earn an income and build a saleable asset while still being "your own boss".

+ Sep 14, 2015