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COVID-19 Support: QLD Small Business Adaption Grant

In response to the impacts on Micro & Small Businesses as a result of COVID-19, the Queensland Government has announced the release of its limited-time Small Business Adaption Grant.

+ May 20, 2020

WEBINAR | Management Rights - Building the Foundations to Mitigate the Commercial Impacts of COVID-19

For the Management Rights industry, we recently held our online webinar session: "Management Rights - Building the Foundations to Mitigate the Commercial Impacts of COVID-19".

+ May 05, 2020

Building Your Business - Podcast Series | Mitigating the Impacts of COVID-19 on HR, and wider People & Performance Management

To help support SME businesses through the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, we've released a special edition of our podcast series - Building Your Business.

+ Apr 23, 2020

Working From Home Deductions | Tax Concessions to Support Your Personal Cash-Flow

It's no secret that COVID-19 and its impacts may have forever changed how we do business, both now and in the future. The arguable greatest change? Remote working and an employees' ability to work from home as a norm!

+ Apr 22, 2020

Business Action Planning - Navigating the Impacts of COVID-19

As the ever-changing circumstances surrounding COVID-19 continue to impact the business environment and day-to-day commercial operations, SME business owners need to be fully prepared to face the uncertain challenges which may arise in the immediate future.

+ Apr 15, 2020

Management Rights | COVID-19 Support - Information Available

For those operating in the Management Rights industry, the impacts of COVID-19 has created a strong level of uncertainty, with effects felt across both permanent & short-term letting businesses.

+ Apr 14, 2020

National Cabinet Code of Conduct - SME Commercial Leasing Principles

Over the last 24 hours, the Federal Government has announced the introduction of its mandatory Code of Conduct for Commercial Landlords & Tenants.

+ Apr 08, 2020

Fringe Benefit Tax - 2020 Year Update

As we begin the 2020 Fringe Benefit Tax Year, it is important for businesses to continue to maintain their tax obligations - staying current and compliant during this especially uncertain time.

+ Apr 02, 2020

Federal Government | Job Keeper Payment Program & Other New Support Measures

We’ve highlighted the new key measures of support set in place over the last few days by the Federal Government & other bodies to provide assistance to SME businesses, facing on-going challenges as a result of COVID-19.

+ Mar 31, 2020

QLD State Government | COVID-19 Job Support Loan Scheme - Applications Now Open

The QLD Government has now opened applications for the previously announced COVID-19 Jobs Support Loan Scheme.

+ Mar 26, 2020
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